Student Storage

Student Storage

Storage for Students in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire

University students will be familiar with the tiresome task of moving your belongings back and forth up to 4 different times during your time at university.

Moving from home into halls, then back home again for the summer, then back again in September, and so on and so forth, is a tiring and stressful experience for both students and their parents.

That’s why here at St Neots Self Store we offer a unique storage solutions for students not wanting to cart their belongings back and forth between their home and university accommodation.

Our student storage allows your items to be store safely and securely for as long as you require, saving you plenty of time and effort.

Cheap self storage

Our student storage in St Neots offers a cost effective solution, and will save you hours of loading and unloading cars with your possessions.

Storage with St Neots Self Store will allow you to pack all your items away over the summer into a safe and secure storage unit, allowing you to go home and enjoy your summer without dreading the day in September when you have to squeeze everything back into the car again.

No doubt parents will appreciate the fact the home remains clutter-free too.

Secure storage

Worried that your items may not be safe? With our brand new facility, we offer 24/7 access and highly secure, alarmed units for all our customers. So you can rest assured that your items will be safe with us whilst you make the most out of your University life! Call us today to find out about our student storage packages.

Keep your room clutter free

Storage isn’t just for the summer holidays - it’s also a great way to keep your room clutter free during term time too. If you have too much stuff then moving some of it into one of our student storage facilities is a great idea.

Get a quote today

We have all been there or known someone who has! Whether its packing up your car or your parents, you will no doubt be moving your precious items into a much smaller room at University. If, like most of us, you have too much stuff but need to be able to access it, why not consider using self storage as an alternative to a cluttered room?

We offer flexible rental packages for students, free wifi and a safe, secure unit at various sizes. Even more exciting is that we are the most competitively priced self storage site in the area! For a limited period, we are also offering an extra 10% off on storage units for students. Enquire today.