Business Services

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Here at St. Neots Self Store we aren’t just catered for the domestic individual, we have a wide range of business services available to our clients. The term business can be attributed to many different trades. From builders, gardeners and window cleaners to accountants, technicians and budding artists, we have the facilities to suit you.

Type of business that can benefit from Self Storage

Office based industries

Working in an office environment can produce a lot of extra baggage that takes up valuable office space. Using a self-store unit can provide you wish extra space at the fraction of the cost of upsizing facilities.

Renting out a unit also lends itself to the self-employed operating from home in a garage or spare bedroom. Clearing out and organising your working environment can be an essential part of growing any business, leaving you more efficient in the space you’ve got.


All trades have equipment, some using bigger and bulkier than others. Individuals such as builders and gardeners have specialist equipment that needs a safe and secure storage place over night or during down time. We operate a 24 hour facility, so you can unload late into the summers evenings, and load up in the early hours, whatever suits your working pattern.


Self-Storage offers a fantastic private and secure environment to those individuals that hold stock and sell online. Our larger units can provide a space you can partition and operate from within. Stock can be held in a secure environment covered by 24/7 CCTC and our private rooms offer privacy for picking and packing.

Small Businesses Storage  

If you are just starting out in the freelancing world, self-storage units can double up as a quiet and safe place to work and develop ideas. Graphic design often needs space to showcase and brainstorm, electronic maintenance business need a quiet place with wi-fi to get going. Being accessible 24 hours a day, weather you are a night owl or early bird, there is always a place to get down to business.

If you you’re ready to take the plunge, start the next step of your business or need a hand whilst relocating an already thriving business then we are the answer. Give us a call today to discuss what we can offer you.