Document Storage

Document Storage

Document storage with St Neots Self Store is ideal if your office or workspace has become overrun with paperwork and documents.

Many businesses have a need to store documents such as customer records, files or other documentation for a certain period of time, and this becomes a problem when the workplace doesn’t have enough dedicated document storage space.

Safe, secure document storage

Safety and security are of paramount importance when choosing where to store your businesses documentation and paperwork off-site.

We understand this concern, which is why all of our document storage solutions are safe, secure, weatherproof and further protected by both CCTV and round the clock security patrols.

Accessible document storage

You may think that storing your documents away from your business will mean getting access to them again will be a pain, but that's definitely not the case with St Neots Self Store.

Our state of the art storage facility allows for 24/7 access, meaning you can access your documents at a time that suits you and on your terms.

Our storage units allow you to easily archive your documents, ensuring they are preserved for the long term. In addition, with our highly secure system and access systems, you will be able to retrieve anything you need from your document store as and when it is needed.

Contact us today

As a business ourselves, we understand and appreciate how important it is to ensure your business documents are securely stored.

In addition, as an added benefit of using our facility, we offer flexible contract terms and pricing plans to ensure you are comfortable and happy with the service. Call us today or complete an online enquiry form online to find out how we can help your business with document storage.