As a business you have a responsibility to ensure you are disposing of sensitive documents, files and folders containing personal data in a secure way.

Every business needs to ensure legal compliance, and when handling customer or client data destruction, the rules are very specific.

Our confidential and secure shredding service takes the pressure off you, allowing our experts to take over, and all your documents to undergo our stringent, uncompromising destruction process for total peace of mind.‚Äč

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Secure document shredding

As a business, you have to ensure all business critical documents and paperwork containing personal data is removed in a legally compliant manner. Simply throwing away documents won’t suffice!

At St Neots Self Store, we offer a shredding and destruction service that helps to alleviate the stress of disposing of sensitive documents and used hardware.

Installing dedicated shredding facilities

We know that a lot of sensitive paperwork is created within the office environment, and when these are being generated on a daily basis a more frequent method is required. We can install dedicated shredding consoles, that are designed to both keep your paperwork safe once placed inside, but creates an easy access collection point for our representatives to collect on a more frequent basis. 

Hardware destruction

Sometimes legally shredding documents and files are not enough to make you feel secure. If you have old hard drives, storage devices or electronically stored data that need to be removed and destroyed, then using our shredding and destruction services is the easiest of most compliant method. Operating in the same way as document shredding, we will remove, document and destroy these items to ensure all round piece of mind.

Once these precise steps have been completed, you’ll receive a certificate confirming all documents or hardware have been destroyed, ensuring you are legally compliant.

Not just for business

People often think that shredding is just part of running a business, but paperwork and documents can accumulate in the home environment just the same as they can in an office. We offer the same secure service to all our customers, both domestic and business alike, providing an all-round safe, legal, compliant and permanent method of destruction

Located just off the A428 in St. Neots, we are not only the main service providers for secure shredding in the local vicinity but we cover all Cambridgeshire areas

We offer prepaid bags and a comprehensive collection service, making it even easier for you to shred data. Call today to find out more about any of our services.