Whether you are relocating your office, refurbishing the current space or starting up a new business in the city, the entire moving process can be quite stressful. All this would include organising the move, packing up everything and not to mention the costs that come with it and the disruption to your business.

But the fact is that for whatever your reason, the move is necessary; either to grow your business or give it the facelift it has been craving for years!

We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you with the challenging task of moving your business.

Stay focused

It’s important you give yourself plenty of time to think about all factors associated with moving offices, such as the size of the new place and if it will accommodate all your furniture, will it add extra time to your commute? etc.

This can be quite time consuming to plan so it would be a good idea to set aside a couple of hours during the day to spend on discussing the logistics of the move, to ensure all your employees are aware of their role and tasks in the moving process.

Planning ahead

When moving houses or offices, we all know you can never plan enough! With so much happening at once, it is always worth planning the day to make the day move as smoothly as possible.

Create an inventory of what needs to be moved to the new office and where exactly or roughly it would be placed, so that everything is not just dumped in one area.

If may seem like a lot to plan ahead for, but you’ll be glad on the day you did!

The big day!

This is where all your hard work of planning and organising will come into use. There’s no doubt, on the day a lot of people will be asking you for guidance, what to do, where to place items etc, and the planning prep will allow you to direct the moving process seamlessly as you would have full control of what is happening around you.

Many business owners also opt for sorting their items in a storage unit, which is a much easier and stress-free option as you can safely secure all your items, and move them to your new office as and when you require. It could be after you have decorated or sorted out a seating plan for your employees – An empty space is always better to work with when planning a redesign!

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