Do you already have items stored away in a unit but have lost track of what’s in there? Or maybe you’re holding back on renting out a storage unit for fear of losing track of what you put in it? Fortunately there is a simple solution to both of these problems; organise your storage units today by making an inventory of items.

Not sure where to start? After all, what good is having 24/7 access to your items if you don’t know where to find anything immediately! It might take a little time to work out what organised system works for you, but once you control the chaos you’ll be in and out of your storage unit without a second thought.

Start in one corner, going box by box. To keep inventory-making less daunting, take things step by step and go box by box in one small corner of the room first. You’ll want to empty the contents of each box one at a time, writing down each thing and checking it off when you return it to the box. Make sure to label the box and the list you’ve made clearly so it corresponds in simple terms as to the contents of the box.

Once you’ve done the first box, repeat the process for the other boxes. You’ll get into the swing of things in no time. If you have numerous boxes that contain the same things, make sure to group those together in boxes and lists. For example; Bedroom Cupboard 1, Bedroom Cupboard 2.

Next, you should categorise the boxes. Not only should you categorise the boxes that contain items you’re storing from the same room, but you can also sub-categorise the items to make things easier to find.

You’ll then want to create a “master list” that contains a full inventory. Keeping it on a digital platform rather than paper makes it easier to manage as you can add, remove and generally update the list the moment you change things. This will particularly benefit customers who have a lot to store and need access to or swap their items frequently. The master list must include the total number of boxes, their locations in the storage unit, and the overall list of stored items.

If you’re a visual person, you may benefit from mocking up a storage unit map and guide. Create a basic drawing or diagram of your storage unit, marking on where certain boxes are and what’s in them. If you’re going to need the contents of your storage unit in the future, you’ll thank yourself later for making things easier to find.

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