If you are thinking of moving to Bedfordshire, you’re likely to have quite a lot on your plate. From sorting out paperwork, to packing and obtaining boxes, arranging assistance from removals and storage companies – the list for moving home is never ending.

The good news is that there are ways to make it less stressful for you! Great, right?

Bedfordshire has so much to offer, including historic buildings, wildlife experiences and many fun activities for you and the family.

So, here is our top moving tips to assist you with your exciting move to Bedfordshire:

Clear your room or its your doom

When you decide a room to sort, it is very easy to just blindly place everything in boxes in an unorganised fashion. We have all done it.

Try to have organisation as your priority though as this will assist you when unpacking into your new home. By proceeding with this, you will be less stressful and you won’t be frantically searching for your kitchen utensils.

A tip for you is to have boxes and bags ready for charity, throwing out what you know you won’t need for your new home and prioritising what you do need, with the assistance of labelling each bag or box for reference.

You might also wish to place items in storage to see them safe and secure if you know you will not have room for them in your new Bedfordshire home.

Remember, be ruthless and just imagine your clutter-free new home when you are parting from items you know that you don’t need to take with you on your exciting journey.

Pack accordingly

Every item has its own packing requirements, particularly if they are valuable or fragile.

Books for instance, need dusting and packed in a strong box due to the weight they will carry in large quantities.

Clothes will be fine either in a bag or a box as they will be hung up when you arrive at your new home.

However, you must remember, products such as wine, electronics, fragile sentimental items will need special packaging in order to keep them safe and secure from damage and breaking.

Label everything

We know. It is time-consuming – but by not labelling, you can add unnecessary stress upon arrival.

So, lets talk about labelling because it truly is a lifesaver.

By labelling, especially if you have professional assistance packing (which we highly suggest) it means whoever handles your items, knows how to handle them accordingly. You don’t want to have an unmarked box with a load of breakables and find a disturbing shattered glass symphony while unpacking.

Labelling is very important, if you identify what is inside the box, whether they are fragile and which room they will be located – it will be much easier for your moving service and they will assist you in packing fragile and sentimental items.

It is also important if you are using a self storage company as this will assist your mind how boxes should be stacked and they will be much easier to locate when you visit your storage unit. 

Don’t waste time

So many people put off packing until the weekend before or sometimes the day before – do not do this!

This results in a rushed job and you may find yourself forgetting some precious items on the kitchen counter. Not good.

Our tip? Try to organise a box a day running up to the big day.

Produce a calendar, stating what box on which day you will pack and label. If you are hiring a moving and storage company – they will be able to assist you when packaging breakables so make sure you place these items somewhere safe and secure for when the time is right.

By pursuing this, you will feel more relaxed and highly unlikely to forget anything on your moving day.

Self storage

We have mentioned storage options a couple of times in this blog but if you are unsure of using a service like this – let us explain.

Self storage has many benefits that can save you time, expense and a guaranteed reduced stress rate.

There are many uses for storage such as clearing some space in your new place, storing items you wish to sell at a later date and store items for your new home but wish to organise after you move into Bedfordshire for an easier transition.

The possibilities for storage are truly endless but the most common reason is to use these facilities for the extra space and certainty that these items will be safe and secure while you organise your new home.

This as you can see, is extremely useful and beneficial!

Enjoy your move to Bedfordshire – stress free!

So there we have it. We hope this guide has provided you with some useful information for your big day to Bedfordshire and has inspired you to become more organised with your transition period.

Remember, plan ahead with a box a day calendar, use your time effectively, label all boxes and bags and look forward to your fantastic new home in this beautiful county.

Bedfordshire looks forward to having you!

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