Have you ever been in a situation where you or someone you have known needed to store their possessions quickly? Whether you are travelling abroad, moving to a new house or simply hiding away your new purchases to avoid the dreaded question from your partner, we can help.

Life, of course, can have unexpected turns. Often, we never know what is around the corner hence; it’s always worth knowing your options!

With many of our customers taking full advantage of our emergency self storage options, we can guarantee the safety and welfare of your possessions, provide you with peace of mind whilst continuing to deliver a professional and cost effective service.

With our experience in emergency self storage, the below checklist will help to address any concerns and hopefully, guide you in the right direction:

Research unit sizes!

This is an important factor because you don’t want to invest in a storage unit too big or too small. Here at St Neots Self Store, we have a fantastic storage calculator, allowing you to determine the best unit size for your items. Ranging from 20sq foot through to 200sq foot, our units are used for domestic and commercial purposes. To find out your ideal storage unit size, view our handy calculator

What is your budget?

We offer a range of unit sizes and have multiple offers available dependent on your requirements. To check what offers we currently have, please visit our offers page

How long do you need a unit for?

Last but not least, you will need to calculate how long you will need to have your possessions in storage for. We always work with your requirements to ensure that the unit size you opt for not only works within your budget but also, your timeframes.

With many years experience in storage, we are guaranteed to offer you the best quality service. Our unit is brand new allowing us to offer you state of the art facilities. In addition, we offer CCTV cameras and alarmed systems, a wide spectrum of square foot units, flexible contract terms (no hidden fees or nasty small print) and 24/7 free access to your unit, whenever you wish.

Ask us for advice

Contact one of our team today for a free, no obligation quote.  and get a quote today and let’s start talking storage!

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