We understand the stress that comes with moving homes or offices. With so much to plan, organise an consider, the whole process can seem like a drag. A stress-free move might be impossible, but you can make the whole process a lot simpler by following our top tips!

1. Hire a collections team

Packing is one thing, but getting all our belongings to the right destination is the hardest part, especially if you are moving a long way from your current place. Investing in a removals service will make your life so much easier, and more cost effective, as you no longer need to worry about the countless trips to the new location. Plus, most removal vans are fully equipped with the right tools and space to keep your furniture and belongings safe during transit, no matter what size they are.

2. Update your utility companies

Shortly before you move, it’s best to give a quick call to all your utility companies so they are aware of you moving to a new place. This way, when you do move in, everything will be in place with the correct bills and everything set up accordingly.

3. Stay organised

Being organised when planning a move is essential if you want a successful process. This applies to all aspects of your move, from sorting the boxes with the right labels, to contracting your movers with the correct times and dates of the moving day.

4. Set aside stuff to sell

When clearing out your belongings, you may come across many items that you no longer need or fit in to, but would love to get some money for it. There are many websites online you can find to sell your stuff on such as Shpock, eBay, gumtree etc.

5. Using packing tape

It’s always worth investing in a strong durable packing tap. The last thing you need is all your hard work of packing falling apart as soon as you lift the box up. It’s also much more secure to use tape rather than the interlocking fold method.

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